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Check out what other Universtities are doing with Blogs…

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Here are some great examples of what other Universities are doing with Blogs.

Self-reflective and collaborative journal of students experiences. Allows prospective students to read about student life first hand from current students.

Student live journals. Example-Oklahoma Christian University

Real life college experiences. Example- Ball State University

College Life- Ohio Wesleyan University

Communication with prospective students and their parents about admissions. Example-Colby College

Outreach and network with current students about their learning environment. Example-MIT

Other Examples

UCLA Undergrad Admissions

Maricopa Community College

Harvard Blogs

Blogging at UMass Boston-Powerpoint Presentation

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About the Digital Learning Studio @ UMass Boston

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Digital Learning Studio

The Digital Learning Studio (DLS), located on the 3rd Floor of the Healey Library is home to multimedia Mac and PC systems, flatbed and slide scanners, color printers, video/audio editing suite and a recording studio. If you would like to make an appointment to consult on a project or if you would like to discuss some options for using multimedia in your course work feel free to email us at

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Reading Material

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